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  • BRIEF HISTORY INTRODUCTION Man is naturally a creative being. But this creative faculty varies from man to man. A simple piece of stone can be conferred a meaningful and gracious significance by a skillful artistic hand. Now, in order to be a genius, a creative mind almost inevitably needs to come in contact with a “GURU” (teacher). And herein lies the obvious relevance of an ideal institution with its equally efficient faculty members to promote art and culture in young minds and lend stability to social life. India, our motherland is never sick in producing talents. In fact, in many cases proper ambience and patronage had facilitated the flourish and exploration of various styles of paintings, music and dance, which were potent enough to outlive time. Today they crown our golden heritage and tradition. Now it is true that more than once, political unrest, social instability had delivered a heavy blow to our mental serenity and sense of beauty; two sine qua non of creative expression. Especially in these days when one have little time to look within, it seems that we have begun to do away with our tradition and heritage. But none can thrive denying one’s own roots. In this present scenario of unrest and uncertainty -- establishment of an institution with active agents, committed to the promotion of art is not only a social requirement but also a psychological demand of the insecure minds of the modern age. With a view to generate a new idea in education, Rabindranath Tagore founded Visva-Bharati at Santiniketan in 20th century. Kala Bhavana, a college of art was invariably introduced along with other faculties. In the post independent period Rabindra Bharati University was founded by the Government of West Bengal in memory of Rabindranath Tagore at his residence at Jorasanko for the upliftment of visual and performing arts. Indian Society of Oriental Art, Academy of Fine Arts. Birla Academy of Art & Culture, West Bengal State Academy of Dance Drama Music and Visual Arts, Rajya Charukala Parsad and such other art societies have been conducting various activities for the promotion of art since their inception. Cultivation of art in our country resumed in late 19th and early 20th century. A few schools and art societies were established in Kolkata and elsewhere. But unfortunately social and political consciousness needed for the exploration of art and artists has remained inadequate till today. In our state, an air of ignorance seems to hover over society in this regard. Demand is always high while resources are meager. However, in 1979, defying all handicaps Bengal Fine Arts College came into existence. Since inception numbers of activities, i.e. Art Development Project, Art Education Project, Art Exhibitions, Seminars, Workshops etc. have been organized by the institution. The degree college run by the institution got affiliated to Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya in the year 1998. From the session 1998-99 B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) - 4-year degree course (Painting and Sculpture) had been introduced. It has been a journey of aspiration, endeavor and achievement since then. The details following, will only corroborate the view and prove that there is indeed no dearth of sincerity and commitment and that only monetary accessibility can make the process much less cumbersome for those who bear the throes smilingly. Debnarayan Debnath FOUNDER An Introduction: the Secretary’s Reminiscence Just as in the worship of all that is graceful and substantial a priest places a bit of sweet upon the sanctified pitcher among other rites, Sri Debnarayan Debnath the prime priest of this institution has placed me in the very centre of the rituals of charitable oblation of artistic beauty. The moments following this act of sublime self devotion are likely to be sonorous with this pious, fertile chanting and the thought that in one of those unknown moments I will be exhausted to the secret bites of some unruly ‘aunts’ only cheers me up with elation. I can easily conjure up a picture of the institution while I myself is a part of the spontaneous process. But I differ, its rather a carnival of a bunch of creative, lively verdant heart. It’s a future-radiant and potential, unfettered by past and present. It’s a resolute earnest effort, embracing both acquisition and deprivation-a poem fraught with aspiration-elation-devotion-compassion. It trembles with exuberance-breaks in disappointment, hangs with uncertainty but never despairs. Now let us begin from the very beginning The college firstly as a school of fine arts was started in August, 1978 at the residence of Sri Debnarayan Debnath, the founder and principal, at Bakchara. It was later transferred to the residence of Late Nagendranath Ghosh, adjoining the Chandpara Station Road on the 18th February, 1979. It was but a clinical picture with a chair, a table and a sack cloth and only three students were all to start with. At that time classes on drawing and painting were conducted weekly on Sundays only. However, within six months the lot became healthy with over fifty students. And in no time it got affiliated to the Bharatiya Kala Parisad, U.P. In the former part of 1980, Sub-Divisional Information Officer, West Bengal Government, came to visit the institution. And he left with lots of admiration and compliments for the striving organization. It was virtually a dream of the founder Sri Debnath - a dream to father an ideal, potential institution to facilitate numerous talented artistic minds neglected and under-privileged with conducive atmosphere and to encourage others to art and culture. For the accomplishment of his mission, Sri Debnath had to hanker after financial assistance from government as well as other sources. But in vain. The resultant disappointment was however dismissed by his commensurate, kindred friends. And the positive endeavors soon turned to Bengal Fine Arts College on 21st June, 1980 (for the students passed Secondary or its equivalent examination). However, it was Debnarayan alone who had been nurturing the institution with both material and mental resources tempered with compliments from his companions all along. Four years passed in this way. It was 1982. On the 28th February, 1982, a managing committee formed only by the persons invited by the founder, a memorandum of association and specific rules & regulations for Bengal Fine Arts College were set up in order to obtain grants or affiliation/recognition from University/Govt. so as to make the whole process systematic and commendable. In 1984 through a gorgeous musical morning meeting, a new department of music with various branches of vocal and instrumental music, percussion and dance etc. was inaugurated. By this time two ex-disciples (Ananta Mandal and Dilip Mallik) of Sri Debnath came forward to follow their teacher and joined the art school as honorary teachers. Renowned artists were recruited as teachers to the music department. This added to the acute financial distress of the institution and even Mr. Debnath’s family could not be spared of the negative impact. However, it is needless to say that in spite of the inherent financial difficulties Bengal Fine Arts College fortified and elevated by the earnest efforts and love of teachers and her students, never fell behind to celebrate annual programmes with much fanfare. And in 1985 shoving all difficulties aside the institution got registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. An application with necessary documents was also sent to Rabindra Bharati University for getting affiliation in 1986. In the mean time another application was granted and in the March, 1987, this college was recognised by the ‘State Academy’, i.e. West Bengal State Academy of Dance Drama Music and Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University, achieving approval which was eagerly awaited. For the last 6 - 7 years several announcement and endeavours have been carried on for acquiring a bit of land for the college building. But all the requests and rhetoric for help proved futile except in a very few cases among which that of Dr. Ashim Kumar Das is very remarkable. Another admirable contribution which fills us with pride and gratitude, was made by Birendranath Datta Chowdhury of Chandpara. On the 6th day of July 1987, five cattah of land and a house building were gifted to the institution to ease and facilities the process towards success. It is he who proved himself to be the savior of despairing Mr. Debnarayan Debnath with a sort of paternal affection. We remain speechless with gratitude for this great benevolence. At last we have eked out a space to step forward. This bit of land has now become a land of budding artists; a realm of colour, music, rhythm and mirth, a world where freedom is unbidden. Only the sweet conjugation of all the positive efforts of yours and mine have made those dreams come true. And I believe earnestly that the infallible spirit of my loving disciples will successfully dare all the mighty trials that life bring. Their vigor and life force will pale all handicaps of life. The well-wishers, the members of the Governing Body, the guardians, the friends and the sympathizers and all who are steadfastly concerned for the wellbeing of the institution are always worthy of gratitude for their service and inspiration and they will remain so for ever Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram Dated Chandpara Sudhir Kumar Gayen The 5th December, 1988 Secretary ANNEXATION BY THE PRESENT SECRETARY I wanted to take just a dip but it proved to be a deep immersion which deluged me with the flow of positive artistic endeavours of Mr. Debnarayan Debnath my friend. A brief history of the institution has already been provided by our former secretary Mr. Sudhir Kumar Gayen. I am only recounting the sequel. In 1987, due to some unavoidable reasons the land and house-building gifted by Birendranath Datta Chowdhury was refunded. But for those seven developing years from 1987 to 1994 we all are really very grateful to him for his act of charity. However, the land accommodating the college presently was bought in February, 1994. The total financial load was exclusively shouldered by the then 9-membered managing committee. The college was started in a very humble way with only a hall and an office-room at the eastern side of the plot. The initial expense was about Rs. 2.00 lakh whereas the slender fund could provide only Rs. 1.40 lakh. But today after 31 years the institution is endowed with potentiality, security and marked identity. Though it seems all very strange, it is actually the measured step, honesty, earnest aspiration of the much-attached honorary teachers, students, members of the institution that have made this possible. However, the financial constraint had made the process so cumbersome that recovery seemed a distant object to all at that time. In this context let’s take recapitulation. After applying for the approval of Rabindra Bharati University, years lapsed without any response. Several subsequent reminders made no differences. But we were stuff, too stiff to despair. Atlast a letter was delivered to us by Prof. Sovon Som, Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts and acting Vice-Chancellor, Rabindra Bharati University. It was 1991. It suggested that the recognition of State Government was primary requisite. As usual an application was sent to the Director of Public Instruction, Government of West Bengal. But as expected it remained in status quo. However after sending a memorandum, a reply was furnished by the Asstt. Director of Public Instruction (N.G.C.) directing to visit him immediately. The instruction was carried out. It was tried to be disallowed. But we were not to be fudged. We proved ourselves to be the most eligible. And therefore, we were rewarded with a form for recognition of the college containing some other informations for the purpose. And it also suggested of sending an inspection team after submission of the form along with enclosures properly. The form was submitted on the 15th June, 1992 along with all required papers and documents. But time rolled on without bearing fruits. In desperation, assistance of the respected Minister of Higher Education Shri Satya Sadhan Chakraborty, Shri D. Debnath together with Professor Saugata Roy, M.L.A and Congress Leader met him on 19.05.1993 at Writers’ Building and gave necessary papers for recognition sought for. LALIT KALA AKADEMI, NEW DELHI Actually, relentless efforts had been made to get recognised and obtain grants from the central Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, since 1986 before my joining this institution. But in vain.: Another application was sent to Shri Sankho Choudhuri, a respected artist, when he became the Chairman of the Akademi in 1989. Now, it bore immediate results. Necessary arrangements were readymade on both sides. As a result, on 26th December, 1990, Prof. Bireswor Bhattacharya of Patna Art College and leading member of General Council of Lalit Kala Akademi, arrived here for inspection of our institution. In December 1991, the much-expected recognition was felicitated to it. Both Shri Sankho Choudhuri and Prof. Bireswor Bhattacharya are worthy of gratitude for the positive act. SANGEET NATAK ACADEMY, NEW DELHI : The Founder of the institution had been trying to have recognition and financial assistance from the Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi (National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama) for last 3 years. As a result, our institution get recognition of the Academy to have financial assistance from the year 1990. It was, of course, for the recognition given by the State Academy (West Bengal State Academy of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University). Unfortunately, after introducing of U.G. course in painting and sculpture in 1998, it was impossible to maintain Music Department for the want of necessary accommodation and the department was completely closed in the year 2000. As a friend, Sri Nirapada Das of Chandpara, North 24 Parganas has been serving this college from the core of his heart since 1990. He was selected a life-member of the college on 19.3.1994 for his limitless devotion to the college. Context : University Affiliation The rejection and mal-treatment afflicted to our efforts by both Rabindra Bharati University and West Bengal Government disheartened us and disillusioned us to hanker for some other resources. An endeavour was taken to search a University having jurisdiction of all India level. It was seen that Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya of Khairagarh, M.P. (Now C.G.) was the only affiliating University of all India character. In 1996 another application was sent to Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh, M.P. (now in C.G.). Fortunately in January, 1998 an inspection team (Dr. U.C. Mishra, Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts, Sri S.P. Chowdhuri, Head, Deptt. of Sculpture and Sri K.N. Tiwari, Exam-in-charge) arrived here and inspite of some infrastructural deficiencies, the impressive academic qualities of the students and glaring honesty, sincerity and great aspiration of the teachers, staff and members of the institution succeeded to convince them. And it resulted into temporary affiliation. The outcome demands our natural gratitude to the inspection team and specially Prof. (Dr.) Indrani Chakraborty, V.C. A prolonged period of throes ultimately gives way to the creation of Bengal Fine Arts College’s 4-year degree course in September, 1998. It was inaugurated by Prof. Sovon Som, D.Litt. on the 8th September, 1998. A slender ray of hope could be perceived. But problems itself got a face-lifting with it. Procurement always proves less than actual demand. Resources were limited and savior none. However, in this distress a Building Grant of Rs. 2.10 lakh was sanctioned by the Department of Culture, Government of India as a realization of a ceaseless efforts from 1994. However, necessity has been greater as usual and the task of removing obstinate obstacles an unending one. Prof. (Dr.) Indrani Chakravorty, Vice-Chancellor, I.K.S.V. and Dr. Kamlakar Singh, Joint-Secretary, University Grants Commission (Central Regional Office) jointly came to visit this college in the month of January, 2000. Both of them left with lots of admiration for the sincere activities of the founder, organisers, teachers as well as the students. UGC Recognition In the year 2002 the college was permanently affiliated to the Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya. An application for this college’s inclusion under section 2(f) and 12-B of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 was sent through the University. The college was included u/s. 2(f) and 12-B of the U.G.C. act in November, 2002. UGC-NRC To introduce U.G.C.-NETWORK RESOURCE CENTRE a grant of Rs. 1.50 lac was sanctioned by University Grants Commission in the year 2004-2005. Contribution of Dr. Ranajit Kumar Panja, M.P. Dr. Ranjit Kumar Panja, M.P. (L.S.) and Sri Tapan Sikdar, Central Minister of State for Communication, jointly visited this college on the 13th December, 2000. As a result of their satisfaction to our sincere activities Dr. Panja, from his MPLAD scheme, recommended a sum of Rs. 3.00 lakh for construction of this college building. The 2nd floor of the college building (south section) was constructed under the scheme in 2003. On the 13th September,2003 Dr. Panja inaugurated the floor. Unfortunately, no MPLADS funds were allocated by Sri Subrata Basu, M.P. and Sri Gobinda Chandra Naskar, M.P. in spite of their self declarations in respect of fund allocation, coming to visit our college. Though, we several times, applied for the same to them. UGC-Womens Hostel For construction of a building for Women’s Hostel (7000 sq.ft. floor area) including 26 single bedded rooms a grant was sanctioned by University Grants Commission in 2006. The building is, now, complete and in use. State Level Art Workshop/Seminar/Symposium The college has been conducting State Level Art Workshop(Painting) and Symposium (2/3 days) for college/university teachers since 2006-07 in collaboration with UGC and State Level Art Workshop(Painting & Sculpture) for the young artists in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India since 2011.The 4th State Level Art Workshop (Painting) for college/university teachers was organized in October, 2012 and lastly, the 2nd State Level Art Workshop (Painting & Sculpture) for the young artists aged upto 40 years was organized in May,2013. Central Scheme for Strengthening Education in Human Values Since 1993, we have been conducting a project for Strengthening Education in Human Values (SEHV) in collaboration with MHRD, Govt. of India, for inculcation of values among the school children through cultivation of visual and performing arts and yoga & pranayama etc. As per Govt. order the project (SEHV) was evaluated by Regional Institute of Education, Bhubaneswar, Orisa and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and was scored as an excellent. Unfortunately, Govt. of India terminated the project from 2010. PUBLICATIONS Creative Workshop journal -1993 Kalacharcha (Cultivation of Art)– Debnarayan Debnath Shikshay Mulyabodha ( Values in Education)– Debnarayan Debnath Nandalal Bose : An Art Educator – Prof. Sovon Som Journals on Art : in 2007,209 and 2011 AWARD As a recognition of our achievement in the field of art & culture, Sri Debnarayan Debnath, the Founder & Principal of the college, had been awarded the JEWEL OF INDIA AWARD by Indian Solidarity Council, New Delhi on 14.12.2005. Participation in International Conference Being invited Sri Debnarayan Debnath, Founder & Principal and Sri Nirapada Das, Vice-President of the institution participated in the International Conference on Integrated Value Education organised by the Art of Living, UNESCO and MHRD, Govt. of India, held for 3 days from 26th June, 2006 in Bangalore, India. LAND Presently the total area of land of the college is about one acre only purchased 10 times separately from 1994 to 2009. Department of Performing Arts opened again B.A.(Hons.)- 3 year degree courses in Vocal classical, Tabla and Kathak dance have been introduced in 2011 , being affiliated to the university. Recent Endeavour for the State Govt. Recognition After the college got affiliation to the Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya in 1998 an application in prescribed pro forma for the state govt. recognition and financial assistance was submitted to the Director of Public Instruction (DPI), Govt. of West Bengal, on 19.12.1999. Having no response, the same application was again submitted to the D.P.I. on the 8th June, 2006. On the 14th September,2010, Mr. Debnath, founder & Principal of the college, sent another application for the govt. recognition to Sri Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, the Chief Minister of West Bengal. But no reply. Consisting with all evidences and information in respect of the college, a fresh application for government recognition was submitted to Prof. Sugata Marjit, Chairman, West Bengal State Council for Higher Education on 28.9.2011 and copies of which were also sent separately to: Smt. Mamata Banerji, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Sri Bratya Basu, Education Minister, Govt.of West Bengal Dr. N.A.Kazmi, Secretary, U.G.C., New Delhi Sri Sougata Roy, Minister of State in Charge, Govt. of India Sri Jyotipriya Mallik, MIC,Food & Supply, Govt. of West Bengal Sri Deb Prasad Roy, MLA Sri Debnarayan Debnath together with Sri Nirapada Das went to Bikash Bhavan to meet Sri Bratya Basu, MIC, Higher Education and School Education on the 8th October, 2012 and asked him to recognize the college and for affiliation to Rabindra Bharati University. In accordance with the advise of the minister, a fresh application recommended by our local MLA Sri Surajit Kumar Biswas, was given to him on the 16th October, 2012 by Sri Kamal Kanti Majumder member of the Planning Board of the college. Erection of “KALAKAR BHAVAN” “KALAKAR BHAVAN” the No.3 building of the college was started to be erected on the 26th day of May,2013 having financial assistance from UGC – XI Plan G.D. and additional grant. LIST OF VISITORS The institution has been highly dignified appreciated and encouraged by the kind visit of the following well known personalities in several times since inception . ? Prof. Sovon Som, D. Litt., R.B.U. ? Prof. Lakshmi Narayan Pachori, R.B.U. ? Prof. (Dr.) Biswanath Roy, Field Adviser, N.C.E.R.T. ? Sri B.Bhattacharyya, Artist & Member of Executive Council, Lalitkala Academi, N.Delhi. ? Sri Ajit Pandey, International Folk Singer. ? Prof. Manoj Mitra, Dramatist, R.B.U. ? Sri Purnendu Patrea, Artist. ? Sri A. Banerjee, Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India. ? Prof. H.A. Haque, Rajsahi University, Bangladesh. ? Prof. Shishir Majumdar, Secretary, State Academy, R.B.U. ? Sri Dwijen Banerjee, Dramatist. ? Prof. Safikunnabi Samadi, Bangladesh. ? Sri Bijon Chowdhury, Artist. ? Mr. Gaston Roberge, Founder, Chitravani, Calcutta. ? Prof. Kalyan Kumar Dasgupta, D. Litt., Former V.C.Kalyani University. ? Prof. Satyajit Chowdhury, D.Litt. ? Dr. (Miss.) Tapati Datta, RIE, Bhubaneswar. ? Sri Sukumar Das, F.A., NCERT. ? Prof. Mortuza Khaled, Bangladesh. ? Sri Tarun Sanyal, Poet. ? Sri Mrinal Kanti Banerjee, Dramatist ? Dr. Ashok Bhattacharya, Art Historian. ? Sri Ananda Ghosh Hazra, Director of Culture, Govt. of W.B. ? Sri Saugata Roy, M.L.A. ? Sri Kamal Kanti Majumder, Deputy Director of Culture, W.B. Govt. ? Prof. (Dr.) Indrani Chakravorty, Vice-chancellor, I.K.S. Vishwavidyalaya. ? Dr. Kamlakar Singh, Joint Secretary, U.G.C. ? Sri Tapan Banerjee, Joint Secretary & Director of Culture, Deptt. of I.& C.A. Govt. of W.B. ? Dr. Nirmalya Banerjee, Secretary, Higher Education Council, Govt. of W.B. ? Sri Tapan Sikdar, Minister of State for Communication, Govt. of India. ? Dr. Ranajit Kr. Panja, M.P. ? Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Kr. Sinha, Former Vice-chancellor, Visva-Bharati. ? Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Kr. Chakravorty, Principal, David Hare Training College. ? Sri Bhabesh Das, Door Darshan Kendra, Kolkata. ? Prof. Ajit Chakravorty, Artist, Santiniketan. ? Sri Ganesh Haloi, Artist. ? Prof. Isha Mahmad, Artist, Former Principal, Govt. Art College, Kolkata ? Dr. Mahesh Ch. Sharma, Dean, I.K.S. Vishwavidyalaya. ? Sri S.P. Chowdhury, H.O.D., I.K.S. Vishwavidyalaya. ? Swami Sarvalokanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan ? Sri Manoj Kumar Pant, I.A.S., District Magistrate, North 24 Parganas ? Sri Subrata Basu, M.P. ? Dr. Malay Sankar Bhattacharya, W.B.C.S ? Sri Gobinda Chandra Naskar, M.P. Sri Deb Prasad Roy, MLA. and many other men of dignity. ACTIVITIES UNDERTAKEN Since inception of the institution it has been trying to create interests in art education (visual and performing) emphasising its vocational value to the general school and college students to promote Indian traditional and classical art by undertaking the following activities. • Workshop on visual art and drama. • Seminars on music and visual arts. • Alochana Chakra. • Video/Film shows on art & culture. • Performances of dance drama and music. • Educational Tour Programme. • Tuition on dance drama music and visual arts. • Kala Utsava. (3/7 days) • Giving awards / prizes / medals to scholars. • Stipends to the needy students. • Publication of annual journals. • Publication of Books. • Art Development Projects in collaboration with Govt. of India. • State level art exhibition in collaboration with Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. • Blood Donation Camp. • Projects for strengthening Education in Human Values in collaboration with Govt. of India. • Maintains a degree college of fine arts affiliated to Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya and recognised by University Grants Commission. In spite of all these, we have managed to keep a steady pace, though it may be a arduous one. Students from different parts of the country contributed immensely to strengthen the process. Artists, teachers from various parts have been well-wisher and sympathetic it all along. It is nothing but the earnest enthusiasm, pure love of the members of managing committee, founder & honorary principal and other well-wishers that collectively have ultimately bailed the institution out of its marshland and proved to be the driving force behind the unceasing process. Chandpara, Dr. Ashim Kumar Das The1st January, 2014 Secretary JURISDICTION Jurisdiction of the college extends to all the districts of West Bengal and its neighboring states. COLLEGE LOCALITY The college is situated at Chandpara in Chandpara Gram Panchayet under Gaighata Police Station, a remote area in Bongaon Sub-Division adjacent to Bangla Desh border. Distance from Bangla Desh border to this college office is hardly 8 K.M. The college campus is situated at a distance of 400 metre both from Chandpara Railway Station (Bongaon - Sealdah section under Sealdah Division of Eastern Railway) and Chandpara Bus stand (Jessore Road 35 N.H.W.) and atleast 80 K.M. away from Kolkata. Socio-economic structure : The area is backward in many respect. Most of the people are migrated from East Pakistan (Now Bangla Desh), and belong to S.C., S.T. and Backward communities. Atleast 70 percent people are poor. They are educationally, culturally and economically backward. Most of them are day to day labour or engaged in agricultural works. Children of most of the families cannot go to elementary schools due to economic inefficiency and other disadvantages. Many school-goers drops half way mainly due to the financial problems. AIMS & OBJECTIVES The main objects of this institution are to serve the educationally and culturally backward people and to uplift them by imparting education and adequate training; to manage and maintain schools and colleges for teaching in visual arts (graphic & plastic) and performing arts (music, dance & drama), along with vocational training; to organise seminars, conferences, performances, exhibitions in the field of visual and performing arts including traditional art and culture; to grant recognition to scholars, performers in various art media, for their outstanding achievements through awards/certificate of honour etc.; to foster and develop folk art and music as well as to encourage the folk artists; to establish, manage and maintain departments or centres for art-medium child centric elementary education / non-formal education; to organise, manage and maintain separate groups for organising exhibitions in India and abroad for the promotion of Indian culture; to publish books and periodicals etc. and to organise meetings, seminars, symposiums workshops, conferences, performances, competitions, exhibitions and training etc. in the field of visual and performing arts including traditional art with a view to encourage the cultivation of art and culture in general schools and colleges. INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE COLLEGE The college introduced and run by its Foundation Society was affiliated as a degree college to Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh in 1998. It is maintained by itself and the Foundation Society. Administrative structure : a Governing Body formed under the provision laid down by the University, maintains the college, which is in all respect responsible to the Foundation Society registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. As per university norms the principal himself is the Secretary of the college. Academic structure: Out of (a) Faculty of Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts, Graphics) and (b) Performing Arts (Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Drama Percussion) the following departments have been introduced and have proved quite successful : a) Faculty of Visual Arts i) Painting Department : B.F.A.- Painting ii) Sculpture Department : B.F.A.- Sculpture b) Faculty of Music i) Department of Vocal Music : B.A.(Hons.)- Music Other departments will be introduced in near future. University Scholars : The following students stood 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the University Examination upto 2010. Sl. No. Name of Student Year Position 1 Ganesh Paul 2002 1st 2. Prabir Mondal 2002 3rd 3. Sudip Das 2003 2nd 4. Amit Kr. Mridha 2006 1st 5. Pritish Aich 2006 2nd 6. Alok Paul 2006 3rd 7. Sunil Kr. Katiya 2007 1st 8. Bappa Basak 2008 1st 9. Sukanta Halder 2010 1st 10. Bijan Biswas 2013 3rd Library : There is a number of art-books in the college library furnished with a Slide Projector and a Film Projector including documentary video cassettes and transparencies. Reading Room: An well furnished Reading Room is attached with library room. Programmes : Along with the routine academic exercises, the following programmes are conducted by the college council for improving the academic skills and overall performances of the students :- i) Seminar ii) Workshop iii) Exhibition iv) Video / Film Show v) Out Door Study vi) Cultural Function vii) Blood Donation Camp etc . Awards: For recognition of outstanding achievement of the students the following Annual Awards and Stipend have been introduced so far :- i) Ranajit Debnath Memorial Award (Silver Medal) .......................... One ii) B. Saha & A. Saha Memorial Award (Gold Medal) ........................ One iii) J.N.Biswas Memorial Award (Gold Medal)………………………… One iv) College Awards (Gold Medal) .................................................... Three v) Exhibition Award (Gold Medal) ..................................................... Three vi) Certificate of Merit…………………………………………………… No limit vii) Stipend (Rs. 2,000/-) .................................................................... As per strength Accommodation-Land & Building : The college is established and run in its own land & building. A 4-storied building measuring about 8000 sq.ft. floor area has been constructed out of total proposed plan area of about 16000 sq.ft. The above construction has been conducted with the financial assistance of the Govt. of India (Department of Culture, under MPLADS recommended by Dr. R.K. Panja, M.P. (L.S.) and by its own fund. UGC-WOMENS HOSTEL : A 2-Storied Womens’ Hostel Building measuring about 8000 sq.ft. floor area is under construction, sanctioned by UGC. KALAKAR-BHAVAN: Another 4-storied building “Kalakar-Bhavan” measuring about 6400 sq.ft. floor area has been started to be erected for the purpose of more accommodation. UGC-NRC : UGC NETWORK RESOURCE CENTRE is established at the college in collaboration with University Grants Commission to create awareness among the teachers and students about use of computer in various activities as well as information & communication network. REQUIREMENTS This is a newly established college situated in a remote village. So, all the requirements in order to be conducive to the students and to fulfill its aims & objectives : 1) Construction of building measuring about 8000 sq.ft. 2) Construction of buildings for another departments to be opened. 3) Boys Hostel building. 4) Guest House and Staff Quarter building. 5) Art Gallery building. 6) Seminar Hall with Audio-Visual arrangements. 7) Necessary Furniture, Equipments, Fixer etc. 8) Library Books (All available books on Visual Arts, Art History and Aesthetics). 9) Implementation of all other plans for improvement of skill of students and teachers, conducting Workshop, Seminar, Conference, Research Project, Educational Tour programme and value based educational programme etc. 10) Health Centre Building. Future Plan : 1. To introduce the following departments in the Faculty of Visual Arts :- a) Applied Arts b) Graphics. 2. To introduce Master’s Programme in both the faculties of Visual Arts and Performing Arts. 3. To construct necessary buildings for class rooms, guest house, auditorium and art gallery, Boys hostel, recreation room, common room and canteen room. 4. To purchase land for the above purpose. 5. To introduce Functional English/Hindi course for the undergraduate students. 6. To introduce Career Oriented Programme and short-term courses for the students. 7. To make the college autonomous status. 8. To introduce Free/Half Free studentship to the needy and talented students as well as SC/ST/OBC students and to provide conveyance allowances. MEMBERS OF THE PLANNING BOARD 1. PROF. (DR.) DILIP KUMAR CHAKRABORTY, Principal, David Hare Training College, Kolkata 2. PROF. PARTHA PRATIM DEB, Retd. Prof., R.B.University 3. PROF. SAUGATA ROY,M.L.A. 4. SRI BHABESH DAS, Prasar Bharati, Kolkata 5. SMT. ELA MAJUMDAR DAS, Asstt. Librarian, C.U. 6. SRI PRANAB KUMAR ROYCHOWDHURI, Retd. Officer, Govt. of W.B. 7. SRI GOPAL CHANDRA SAHA, Headmaster, Dhakuria High School 8. SRI KAMAL KANTI MAJUMDAR, Retd. Additional Director of Culture, Govt. of West Bengal. 9. THE DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, North 24 Parganas District 10. The Members of the G.B. 11. The Faculty Members 12. The Principal of the college : Convenor The college building THE INSTITUTION AT A GLANCE THE FOUNDATION SOCIETY • Registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act. 1961. • Recognised by the Central LALIT KALA AKADEMI, New Delhi. • Registered u/s. 12-A of the Income Tax Act, Govt. of India. • Income Tax Exempted u/s. 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. • Owner of 1.00 acre of land converted in Fine Art College Class. • Owner of a 4-storied building measuring about 8000 sq.ft. floor area including a well-furnished Guest-Room . THE COLLEGE • Affiliated to Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya as an under graduate college for Visual Arts (painting & sculpture) and Performing Arts (Vocal Music, Tabla and Kathak Dance).0ffers BFA – 4 year degree course and BA(Hons)- 3 year degree course. • Recognised by University Grants Commission u/s. 2(f) and 12-B of the UGC Act, 1956. • Having Students’ Rail Fare concession under Railway rule. • The College Library containing a large number of Art Books including a Slide Projector, a Film Projector and Video Cassettes on art & culture. • Maintains U.G.C. - NETWORK RESOURCE CENTRE. • Owner of 2-storied KALAKAR-BHAVAN and 2-storied UGC-Womens Hostel Indebted to : Birendranath Datta Chowdhury Shankho Chowdhury Dr. Biswanath Roy Prof. (Dr.) Indrani Chakraborty Atanu Banerjee Kamal Kanti Majumdar Dr. Denise Tarasuk Pronab Roy Chowdhury Dr. Kamlakar Singh UGC-Women Hostel Organization in brief: Bengal Fine Arts College’ founded in 1979 by Debnarayan Debnath is a registered non-profit making, non-communal, non-political, social voluntary institution for education, art and culture. Main objectives of the institution are to serve the educationally and culturally backward people and to uplift them by imparting adequate training and education and to foster and develop of art & culture both classical and traditional. It is registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 and u/s. 12-A of the Indian Income Tax Act. It runs a degree college affiliated to I.K.S. Vishwavidyalaya and recognised by University Grants Commission. Problems : The institution/college is situated in a remote village under Gaighata Block adjacent to Bangladesh Border. Most of the students coming from the districts of our state and other states, are from poor or middle class families and belong to S.C., S.T. and other backward classes. So, added financial burden is likely to a bane to their progress. Therefore, to let them bloom with case external financial assistance is inevitable from other sources. Education Department/Department of culture of our state is not agree to support to give financial assistance to this institution/college cause of which is unknown to us. So, it is essential to have assistance from Central / State Government or other sources. Purpose : To arrange for free studentship of the talented and needy students as well as backward class students. To provide numbers of scholarship to the students. To arrange workshop/seminar/conference/symposium etc. on art & culture for the students, rural people and the artists. To give awards/prizes/scholarship etc. to the talented art learners/artist/folk artist etc. for their outstanding achievements. Comments : For the want of necessary fund or recurring assistance from other source/sources the Governing Body and Founder & Patron of the institution are in a very critical situation to run the institution/college. So, it is very urgent, now, to have Financial support of the Govt. of India or to have any sponsor or collaboration and to have central/state government assistance. AN APPEAL For further development of the college it has been endeavoring to construct a multi-storied building which is at present under construction. It is also required to have a plot of land and a building for the purpose of a Boys Hostel. To raise the Land & Building Fund a large amount is required to be collected from other sources as to construct building within a very short period. So, we request you to extend your helping hands to generate us and to expeditely mobilize our activities. We would therefore request you to kindly donate any amount to raise the fund for land & building of the college and to raise the Reserve Fund / Award Funds. In accordance with the University norms you are also requested to be a DONOR-MEMBER of the college as a result of which the college shall be more dignified and highly benefitted. Any person or firm or an association or a charitable trust or any other institution may be a DONOR-MEMBER by paying a donation of not less than Rs. 26,000/- or endowing movable or immovable property of the value of Rs. 26,000/- or over. You may also introduce a memorial award or awards for the degree students who are genius in their respective subject field, in memory of or in the name of your choice, by depositing a sum of Rs. 10,000/- or more in any nationalized Bank in the name of the college indicating the name of the award. Hope, after going through the fact elaborated above you would be kind enough to demand further information or to visit our college and to incite your friends/colleagues to consider the Appeal at your earliest convenience. Thanking you. Debnarayan Debnath Founder & Principal ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… N.B. Please pay the amount by Cheque or Demand Draft payable to BENGAL FINE ARTS COLLEGE together with a prescribed from (in respect of membership only) to be provided by the College on demand. ALL DONATIONS ARE EXEMPTED FROM INCOME TAX u/s. 80G OF THE INDIAN INCOME TAX ACT, 1961. For more details please log on to:


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